Secure payment - Pay in 3 or 4 times with ALMA up to 3000€ TTC
Secure payment - Pay in 3 or 4 times with ALMA up to 3000€ TTC

Clean and Disinfect Air Conditioners with Steam

Clim3000, AC - Air Conditioner Steam Cleaner

IBL CONCEPT created in 2014, at the request of professional air-conditioners, a professional high-pressure steam cleaning equipment for air-conditioners, the Clim3000: it's a Specific Steam Cleaner intended only for professionals in the Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning industries.

Ease of use, time and fatigue savings, Quality and Brand Image of your Service.
The Clim3000 air conditioning cleaner is designed and recommended for air conditioning cleaning and disinfection:

  • fin cleaning,
  • condensers,
  • coolers,
  • condensate pans,
  • piping,
  • air filters,
  • exhaust ducts,
  • air vents,
  • in-depth degreasing and scouring of surfaces

Our A/C Steam Cleaners


Air Conditioning Steam Cleaner - CLIM3000 -

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Our disinfection foggers


JETBIO 2020 Surface disinfection fogger ideal for Covid-19

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JETBIO BP - Covid disinfection nebulizer

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Our accessories for air conditioning cleaning


Splits Protection System (SPS)

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Steam cleaning the air conditioning

Not only can the high pressure steam air conditioner clean, but thanks to its high power and high temperature, it can de-scrub and disinfect simply and quickly. By sweeping the surface, even the dirtiest areas can be treated. The protective cover accessory SPS accessory allows you to protect the environment around the Split in 1 minute and to carry out a neat job.

Economical & Ergonomic

Saves time in preparing the service. Reduces operator fatigue and ensures quality cleaning. Increases the brand image of your company and reduces the risk of electrical and electronic breakdowns thanks to the steam.


Reduces the use of chemicals, Reduces your customers' energy bill by 30%. No toxicity in addition to reduced water and energy consumption. Preserves air conditioners.

Can be used in many sectors

In medical and hospital environments, in industry, in the food industry, in education and even in transport such as aviation and public transport, steam cleaning and disinfection with our products is highly recommended.

Air conditioning cleaner

Clim3000 in action

Our high pressure steam air conditioning cleaner in action. Watch a video to see how easy it is to use the Clim3000 and its accessories. 

ConceptClim and IBL Specifik offer you solutions for cleaning and disinfecting air-conditioning systems, applying protocols and complying with the standards in force. An assurance of seriousness towards your customers.

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air conditioning cleaner made in France

All our components have been selected, tested and validated by our engineers, in order to guarantee a very high quality of manufacture and 100% Made In France devices. In addition, our airborne automatic disinfection devices have obtained the standard NF T 72-281 at the IRM, a COFRAC-accredited laboratory //

Why a steam air conditioning cleaner?

You are in a sector of activity where hygiene is paramount such as in the food industry, you work with medical devices, or in air conditioning maintenance and want to save money and respect the environment?

The ergonomics of our air conditioning steam cleaning equipment and our method will allow you to carry out a fast and effective intervention. Our air conditioning high pressure cleaner will give you the certainty of an impeccable result and a disinfection in accordance with the standards in force.

We offer accessories validated by professional air-conditioners:

*split air conditioning cleaning kit, wall mounted air conditioner cleaning kit

Our objective is to provide Professionals with efficient, ergonomic solutions to facilitate the maintenance and disinfection of Air Conditioners.

We propose to reduce the technical problems (electronic, electrical and bacterial contamination) that occur after a "wet" cleaning.

Our air conditioning steam cleaning equipment will allow you to eliminate the majority of pathogenic agents without bactericidal or fungicidal products and to avoid any contamination of the places where your air conditioners are located. Thanks to our accessories you will reach all the surfaces of the air-conditioning units, in particular by the high pressure of the steam.

  • By following our protocols and guidelines, you will be "Biocide Compliant".
  • You will be able to apply your sticker on the cleaned and disinfected air conditioner.
  • This sticker will stipulate the date of cleaning and disinfection in accordance with the Biocides standards in force.
  • Our disinfection solutions are "Conform to the Standard", tested and validated by a "COFRAC" Laboratory.

Steam cleaning for air conditioner

The regular maintenance of an air conditioning system avoids certain health risks such as the penetration of parasites, bacteria or viruses in the air conditioning system which are dangerous for humans and animals with our air conditioning steam cleaner.


Disinfection is an operation to eliminate or kill micro-organisms and/or inactivate undesirable viruses carried by contaminated inert media according to the objectives set.


Dry mist disinfection is an airborne surface disinfection technique that consists of spraying a disinfectant product in very fine droplets into the atmosphere.


Dry saturated steam degreasing under pressure and at very high temperature is recommended on industrial machines, engines, evaporators in industry.


In order to limit the formation of biofilm, which also becomes increasingly resistant over time, it is imperative to set up a cleaning and disinfection plan for the surfaces of the premises.

Air conditioning cleaning and disinfection

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