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Why and how to clean and disinfect an air conditioner?

Cleaning and Disinfection of Air Conditioners

Since the widespread use of air conditioning in flats, offices, shops and industry, the question of why and how to clean and disinfect air conditioning has become an important issue since the COVID 19 crisis.

The cleaning and disinfection of air-conditioning systems requires specific procedures to be followed and the use of suitable equipment. When air-conditioning systems are not cleaned or are not cleaned properly, the air-conditioning can become harmful and lead to more or less serious pathologies, hence the need to disinfect the whole system after cleaning.

Why Cleaning and Disinfection of Air Conditioners?

This disinfection operation is essential and must be mandatory after each cleaning.

It's not the cold air that makes you sick!!! but everything your air conditioner puts into the air.

To prevent the onset of the 4 most common pathologies

  • Legionellosis, Viruses, Bacteria
  • Fungi, Spores
  • Allergens,
  • Sick Building Syndrome.
Cleaning and Disinfection of Air Conditioners
Split Protection System installed during steam cleaning.
Cleaning and Disinfection of Air Conditioners
clean air conditioning


To extend the life of the air conditioner

Regular cleaning of air conditioning units reduces component failure, greatly reduces power consumption and extends the life of the equipment, so you can avoid breakdowns, extend its life and improve the efficiency of your air conditioning unit when cleaning and dusting are carried out properly.

How do I clean and disinfect air conditioners?

Air conditioners are relatively difficult to clean. The surfaces and components inside the air conditioner are fragile and difficult to access, and the use of high-pressure systems is not recommended.

Which parts and components should be cleaned first?

access the condensate pan of the indoor unit for cleaning

  • Condensate trays
  • Air vents
  • Evacuation ducts
  • Piping
  • Air Filters

That's why we have created the CLIM3000 steam cleaning device

A "special" professional steam generator to do the job easily and qualitatively, without splashing and without risk to the air conditioner. We also offer a split air conditioning cleaning kit that we call SPS.

Cleaning and Disinfection of Air Conditioners with high pressure steam

High-pressure, high-temperature steam is used to clean, disinfect and degrease air-conditioning surfaces and components without damaging them, saving water and treating the most inaccessible areas.

Motor before Steam Cleaning
Engine After Steam Cleaning

Specificities of the Clim3000, Cleaning and Disinfection of Air Conditioners (7/8 bars - 175°C - Stainless steel)

Cim3000 Air Conditioner Steam Cleaner
  • Condensate trays
  • Air Conditioning Ventilation Vents
  • Ventilation turbines
  • Air conditioning batteries
  • Cleaning Air conditioning air filters
  • Dusting of air conditioners
  • Air conditioning decontamination
  • car air conditioning disinfection
  • home air conditioning disinfectant
Complete kit for Cim3000 Air Conditioner Steam Cleaner

KIT CLIM 3000 Complementary accessory kit with the Steam Cleaner CLIM 3000

  • Disinfection
  • Decontamination
  • Air conditioning exhaust ducts
  • Air conditioning piping
  • Cleaning Air conditioning air filters
  • Dust removal from air conditioning systems
  • Air conditioning decontamination

Why dry steam cleaning, disinfection, degreasing and decontamination of air conditioners?

The use of dry steam at 175°C associated with a pressure of 8 bars allows :

  • Dissolve fats
  • Removing dirt
  • Destroy micro-organisms and breathe HEALTHY air
  • Save electricity (dirt prevents good heat exchange and increases compressor running time). An uncleaned system can consume up to 30% more electricity.
  • Increase the life of the equipment as it will be less stressed.
  • Allows for more powerful, faster and more even air distribution.

To ensure the destruction of the most resistant strains, we use in combination with steam a powerful disinfectant of 100% natural origin and specific to air conditioners.

The importance of decontaminating air conditioners?

Air conditioning ensures thermal comfort within buildings.

Air conditioning and its splits also cause health problems, environmentmental and economicThe appearance of many pathologies and over energy consumption can be the consequence of a lack or poor maintenance of air conditioning systems.

A totally secure intervention

Does not scratch surfaces, does not bend the often fragile fins does not oxidize or corrode the non-ferrous metals of the air conditioner. Does not damage the elements around the air conditioner (splashes, run-off.) Compatible with the electronic components of the air conditioner. It is a 100% environmentally friendly solution

What equipment should be used to clean and disinfect air conditioning?

We recommend the use of CLIM3000Our Professional Steam Cleaner specifically designed for this application. Powerful system: generating steam at 8 bars and 175°C.

Cleaning and disinfecting air conditioning systems is therefore a delicate operation, which is why IBL Concept recommends cleaning and disinfecting air conditioning systems with steam to treat certain specific surfaces: fins, condensers, chillers, pipes, exhaust ducts.

Steam under pressure and at a very high temperature will clean and degrease all the surfaces and components of the air conditioning system without damaging them, saving water and treating the most inaccessible places. The pressure will allow a mechanical action, stirring and loosening the dirt without scratching the surfaces to be cleaned or twisting the often very fragile fins. Thehigh-pressure steam cleaner for air conditioning systems cleans and disinfects at the same time for an optimal cleaning.