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Splits Protection System (SPS)

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Waterproof splits protection cover : SPS : Splits protection system

The essential protective accessory for cleaning and disinfecting air conditioners with our high pressure steam cleaner Clim3000.

The (SPS), our Split Protection System is a waterproof protective cover with funnel to be installed on the splits before a cleaning operation.

It is foldable, light, easy to handle, telescopic and fits all sizes of wall-mounted air conditioners.


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( SPS) Split Protection System

The (SPS) is a heavy duty waterproof tarpaulin system with funnel and drain hose extendable to 2m40.

It is a protection to be installed on the Splits before a cleaning operation.

It is foldable, light, handy, telescopic and adapts to all sizes of wall-mounted air conditioners.

No more splashes and risks of unhappy customers.

With our Split Protection System:

It will only take you 30 seconds to set it up. No more wasting time taping protective plastic film to the walls.

We called it " SPS " (the initials of Splits Protection System)

Need to clean and decontaminate air conditioners?

The CLIM 3000The Professional Steam High Pressure Cleaner for Air Conditioning delivers saturated steam at 7 / 8 bars and high temperature (175°C).
It allows you to clean and decontaminate the entire air conditioner. This professional steam cleaner cleans and decontaminates for an optimal cleaning and can be used with a disinfectant product. Robust, compact and very easy to use, you won't be able to do without it!
The accessory kit of the Professional Steam Cleaner CLIM 3000 has been designed to help and facilitate a quick cleaning and to treat specific surfaces (fins, condensers, units, fans, coolers...).

Pressurized steam at very high temperature allows to clean and remove all dirt from all surfaces of the air conditioning system without damaging them, saving water and treating the most inaccessible places.

The pressure will allow a mechanical action, moistening and removing dirt without scratching the surfaces to be cleaned or twisting the often very fragile fins.

Need to Disinfect (according to the Standards) air conditioners?

The health risks that air conditioning systems can bring if cleaning and disinfection is not done regularly are enormous ....

Bacteria, Spores, Fungi, Yeasts .... especially towards fragile human beings: young children, the elderly, people suffering from pulmonary and respiratory problems . It is not the fresh air that makes you sick but what the air carries !

Aspergillus are moulds naturally present in the outdoor environment (air, soil, plants, water...), but also and above all inside premises such as homes or offices, in ventilation or air conditioning systems in which they can find conditions very favourable to their development (humidity, insulation and lack of ventilation). They produce millions of spores that are carried in the air and inhaled into the lungs. In the majority of the population, natural defences are sufficient to eliminate them. In a large number of cases, these are overwhelmed and the disease develops. The greater the quantity of spores, the greater the risk of disease.

Our Protocol of cleaning and disinfection by our Concept Steam + our Biocide Disinfectants (approved) will allow you to be irreproachable and conform to the Standards.

DESOGERME is our approved and certified disinfectant.

You will provide your customer with the assurance of quality work that you can certify by placing a sticker on the Split: (Cleaned and disinfected according to the BIOCIDES standards in force on: by : .... )

Only a clean surface can be disinfected.

Recommended for cleaning and disinfecting air conditioners :

Cleaning of fins, condensers, coolers, condensate pans, piping, air filters, exhaust ducts, air vents and degreasing and deep cleaning of surfaces.

You may be looking for additional information?

What is Disinfection?

Does Steam Disinfect?

What is the difference between Disinfection and Decontamination?


Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 36 × 95 × 10 cm

1 review for Splits Protection System (SPS)

  1. PYRENECO (verified owner) - –

    A revolution for the maintenance of splits!

    Practical from use to storage, I do not regret my purchase and I am ready to recommend it without hesitation!

    • Stephan Imbach - –

      Dear Sir, Hello
      We appreciate that our product (SPS) gives you complete satisfaction.
      We thank you for your feedback which makes us very proud.
      The Concept CLIM team

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