Secure payment - Pay in 3 or 4 times with ALMA up to 3000€ TTC
Secure payment - Pay in 3 or 4 times with ALMA up to 3000€ TTC

Dry Saturated Steam Degreasing

Dry saturated steam degreasing under pressure and at very high temperatures has now largely proven its effectiveness on the most heavily soiled surfaces.

How does vapour degreasing work?

The combined action of heat (between 165°C and 185°C) and pressure (between 6 and 10 bars) dissolves grease and dirt.

They allow for biocidal activity on all surfaces in the industrial sector. The dry steam technology under pressure is a relatively dry jet (about 5% water) projected under pressure on the surface to be cleaned, at a very high temperature. The evaporators will be cleaned and degreased with great ease without any risk for the lamellas and electrical parts.

Degreasing with dry saturated steam is a very simple operation.

Dry vapor degreasing does not damage surfaces or components.

Most areas that are very difficult to access are easily reached with the steam jet.

The operator works very close to the support and does not get tired.

IBL Concept recommends dry vapour degreasing of industrial machines, motors, evaporators in industry.

Steam degreasing
Steam degreasing

What equipment should be used for dry vapor degreasing ?

The STEAMBIO 10000 SP high pressure cleaner cleans industrial machines and installations and removes stubborn traces of oil, grease, lubricant and other stubborn dirt.

Our multi-purpose steam generator can be used to clean and also treat hazardous or fragile surfaces such as control panels or electrical panels. The dry steam generator must have the technical characteristics required for the sector of activity and the intensity of its use. IBL Concept recommends, for degreasing with dry steam, a powerful industrial high-pressure steam generator: 10/12 bars and 185°C.

The presence of accessories adapted to the different surfaces (cladding, metal frames, epoxy painted metal, glass, stainless steel, plastics) or to the types of dirt (dust, grease, oil, etc.) makes it possible to obtain optimal cleaning by dry steam.

IBL Specifik Steambio 10000sp

10 /12 bars - 10 kW - 185°C - 220 gr/minute

Degreasing by Industrial Dry Steam Degreasing
  • Cleaning of industrial machines
  • Scrubbing, degreasing of evaporators, batteries ...
  • Industrial steam generator
  • Industrial steam de-oiling
  • Machine tool maintenance
  • Reduction of chemicals

What are the advantages of degreasing with high-pressure dry steam?

In the context of professional and industrial cleaning, where chemical-based cleaning products are most often used, a steam cleaner will not only be more economical but also more ecological. You will get better results faster by reducing the consumption of water, electricity, reducing the amount of detergents, solvents or all the usual chemicals used and above all by considerably reducing your waste or effluents.

IBL Specifik designs and distributes multi-purpose cleaning, degreasing and disinfecting equipment, adapted to numerous sectors of activity such as the mechanical industry, food processing, transport, the automobile industry, health, etc.