NETBIO 200 - Foam gun for professional air conditioning


NETBIO 200 is a self-contained foam gun with integrated air compressor and high-pressure pump. The device sprays foam onto the surfaces to be cleaned and disinfected by mixing compressed air with the foamy cleaner-disinfectant or degreaser.

NETBIO 200 is used for cleaning and disinfecting sanitary facilities, surfaces in toilets and bathrooms, and more generally in all busy places such as: railway stations, airports, swimming pools, gyms, saunas, public establishments, hospitals, retirement homes, campsites, hotels, etc. NETBIO 200 is also suitable for all places where the foam spray + rinse system is appropriate.

When you have finished spraying the foam on the surfaces to be treated, you should allow the foam to work for a few minutes. If the spraying phase has lasted several minutes, the surfaces on which you initially injected the foam can already be rinsed.

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Are you looking for a mobile foam gun with an integrated compressor for deep cleaning of your evaporators or cold room air conditioners? Do you need an efficient and material-safe cleaner, mobile and effective for a fast and professional cleaning?

The foam gun NETBIO 200

The professional air conditioning foam gun NetBio200 is the cleaner that will meet your needs, spraying a detergent and disinfectant foam daily on the walls. It is a multi-purpose cleaning equipment for degreasing and cleaning professional air-conditioning systems in a healthy and hygienic way.

Using NETBIO200

The use of the professional foam gun NETBIO 200 is a method of foam cleaning of premises which has several advantages:

  • No compressed air is required, the compressor is integrated inside the machine.
  • The rinsing function is also integrated in the machine.
  • The active principle of the detergent/disinfectant is optimized, because the foam adheres to the wall for a few minutes, which gives the product time to work.
  • The walls are covered with white foam, a very good way to know if all surfaces have been treated, especially the corners which are often more difficult to reach manually.

Even more mobile than the NETBIO 600 (a more powerful model), the NETBIO 200 can be moved around the premises very easily. The operator works in better conditions and more quickly, he is not in direct contact with the soiled surfaces and the cleaning is carried out by the chemical action of the foam and the rinsing.

The professional foam sprayer or foam gun connects to the water system, allowing unlimited use and requires a water outlet to remove water and foam.


The treatment is carried out in 2 phases, with the same machine:

Phase 1: spraying of the detergent/disinfectant foam on the surfaces.
Phase 2: rinsing the surfaces with the unit in rinsing mode.

Our foam gun has been developed to avoid chemicals, disinfectants or detergents and is used with our ecological cleaning products: CLEAN D + and 3DBIO

Foam gun documentation

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